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What Students and Families Say When Offered LRAPs

July 6, 2018

When it comes to making choices for your institution’s success, we know you listen to what students and families say. We’ve heard from literally thousands of students. They tell us how they feel about the Loan Repayment Assistance Programs (LRAPs) offered via our partner colleges and universities. Below you will see a word cloud made up of some common terms within the testimonials we look at every day from students and families who have been offered these programs, as well as some of those quotes.

LRAP testimonial word cloud

The information we gather by asking these questions of students and families is data we share with our partners. We share these testimonials, along with other data points, by way of our new, real-time client dashboard. This helps them make more informed enrollment decisions and reassures them of the positive sentiments generated by offering loan repayment assistance programs (LRAPs).

We thought we’d share just a small sample of what some of those students have said, as their words have had a powerful impact on mission.

What are prospective students and families looking at your institution saying about affordability and student loans?

How are you answering any of their concerns?

Read the quotes below then fill out this simple form to get a no-obligation, customized proposal with projected ROI and a customized pricing estimate specific to your institution.

Student Testimonials:

“The cost of education played a huge role in determining whether or not I would attend my college. LRAP gives me the security I need to pursue my dreams.”

“When I get out of school, money will be tight. Adding a huge loan payment to a low salary wasn’t something I wanted to do. The LRAP makes it possible to attend my college, which is a perfect fit for me.”

“It made me feel that, even if I can’t get a great paying job right away, I can still go to college for my passion.”

“This repayment plan helped me attend a private university. My goal was to attend a university that had small class sizes. I am thankful that I was able to be a part of this movement.”

“When our financial aid packet came in, my parents had fear for paying off loans. We immediately started looking at cheaper schools. With this LRAP, I’m able to attend the school of my choice.”

“I feel like this provides a sense of security for me that other universities couldn’t offer. The fact that the University is providing this for their students shows that they are really invested in making sure the student is successful, even after the student has graduated.”

“I was really stressed about coming to college. I didn’t want to take out private loans, because I knew I wouldn’t be able to pay them back alone. When I heard about LRAP, I felt so much better about doing this and coming to college.”

“I was sitting with my admissions counselor talking about why I should choose this school over the others.  He mentioned LRAP, and after a little thought, I decided to come – mainly because of LRAP.”