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Change Enrollment Decisions to “Yes!” with LRAPs

Do you lose students you know would be a good fit for your university once they receive their financial aid awards? Do you hear from students “I can’t afford to attend,” when you know they really mean they don’t want to borrow? Offering a student loan safety net can help. Shape your class by addressing key affordability and cost concerns.

Shape Your Class with a Student Loan Safety Net

The program is flexible.

Use LRAPs as a flexible, “back-pocket” tool to help individual students with cost or debt concerns enroll.

It’s a cost-effective tool.

LRAPs are a cost-effective response to financial aid appeals instead of offering additional institutional aid.

Easy to launch.

One of the easiest ways to use the program. This small-use strategy takes little time to launch and implement.

How IWU Enrolled Mission-Fit Students

Illinois Wesleyan University offered LRAPs because the program aligned with their mission to increase access to higher education. They offered LRAPs to select students from various demographics who may not otherwise have enrolled. They used the program to help shape their incoming class. Watch a webinar to learn more about their LRAP success from former IWU Dean of Admissions, Greg King.

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LRAPs vs. Additional Aid

RNL, CampusESP and Ardeo surveyed more than 12,000 families of college-bound students on their experiences with the college search process.

52% First-Gen Students 52% of families of first-generation students agreed they would rather receive an LRAP in lieu of $3,000 in additional aid.

50% Low-Income Families 50% of lower-income families agreed they would rather receive an LRAP in lieu of $3,000 in additional aid.

LRAPs Influence Enrollment Decisions

“LRAP made a “tipping point” difference for 20 – 30% of the incoming students; either strengthening their resolve to enroll or helping to make it possible.”

Reflections on the Impact of Ardeo’s LRAPs: Credo Admitted Student Parent Research, featuring insights from parents of admitted students from 10 Ardeo partner campuses and 1,289 responses.

Partners That Offer LRAPs to Select Students

Take a look at some of the institutions across the country offering LRAP to select students to help shape their incoming class.


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What Administrators are Saying

“We brought this product on about 30 days before COVID hit. [LRAP] was one of those things that we were really happy to have. This was a difference for a lot of students that we spoke to. Gave them a lot of peace of mind during a time in the world when there was very little peace of mind.”

Aaron Roberts

Director of Undergraduate Admissions & Operations, Concordia University, Nebraska

What Students are Saying

“[LRAP] gives minorities like me an opportunity to have an education without the stress of having to repay loans right away.”

Nathaly F.

LRAP Award Recipient

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