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Do you lose students you know would be a good fit for your college because they are afraid to borrow?


Ardeo’s Student Loan Insurance provides your students with a financial safety net to overcome their fear of borrowing the loans necessary to attend your institution. Stop losing prospects because they are concerned about burdensome loan payments after graduation. They need Student Loan Insurance.

How Student Loan Insurance Works
for Colleges & Students


With Student Loan Insurance, colleges can provide financial peace of mind to even more students – at no cost to the institution.

Icon You Send List, We Reach Out

You send us a list of your incoming students. We reach out to students and their families to educate them about the coverage.

Icon Students Accept Award, Enroll

Students purchase their Student Loan Insurance and enroll at your institution. We give them the option to add it to their student bill through the university, or to pay by credit card.

Icon We Help Students Repay

We help your graduates repay their student loans. After graduation, we manage all claims and answer any questions graduates may have about the reimbursement process.

What is Student Loan Insurance?

In less than two minutes, get a quick snapshot of what Student Loan Insurance is and how it can help your prospective students. Watch the video to explore this elective coverage and learn how you can bring it to your campus!

How Student Loan Insurance Works

Length: one minute forty seconds

Why Offer Student Loan Insurance?


“Level of debt” has been the #1 concern among college applicants and their parents for nearly a decade, the Princeton Review reports. Student Loan Insurance helps eliminate that concern – a concern that is often a significant barrier to enrollment. Here are 3 reasons why you should offer Student Loan Insurance to your students:

First Choice School 2

Provides financial peace of mind by helping repay student and parent loans after graduation if the graduate’s income is modest.

 First Choice School

Empowers students to attend their preferred college or university.

Icon Grow Enrollment

Improves access to higher education, and encourages retention and completion.

Student Loan Insurance Matters

In 2023, Ruffalo Noel Levitz surveyed 12,000+ families of college-bound students. The survey found:

68% Sticker Shock 68% of families immediately ruled out institutions based on sticker price.

74% Negatively Impacting Planning 74% of families said loan concerns are negatively impacting college planning.

Case Study

Pacific Lutheran University, located just south of Seattle, made Student Loan Insurance available to their new, incoming students. For Fall 2023, 16.1% of borrowers purchased student loan insurance.

Ready to learn more?

Let’s talk! Schedule a meeting with us to learn more about Student Loan Insurance and how it can increase access and positively impact enrollment on your campus.