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Engage and Move Unresponsive Students to Enroll

Do you have admitted students “stuck” in your funnel? Re-engage and move unresponsive prospective students to enroll at your institution by addressing their student loan and cost concerns. Enroll students who otherwise would not have matriculated.

Webinar: Engage ‘Cold’ Admits with LRAPs like Illinois College

Illinois College in Jacksonville, Illinois, uses LRAPs to engage “cold” admitted students. They offer the program later in the recruitment cycle to incoming freshmen and transfer students who have gone silent or are not responding to emails or other outreach. For Fall 2023, Illinois College enrolled 26 students with the program. LRAPs also helped them meet their transfer enrollment goal. Learn more about their strategy in our recent webinar with IC’s Evan Wilson.

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LRAPs Make an Enrollment Difference

RNL’s surveys of families of college-bound students say LRAPs would make a positive impact on their student’s enrollment decision.

13% Would Enroll With An LRAP 13% of families of non-matriculant students said they would have enrolled if offered an LRAP.

64% Would Favor A College 64% of families say they would favor a college that offered their student an LRAP.

Colleges Using LRAPs for Late-Cycle Yield

Take a look at some of the institutions across the country offering LRAPs to students late in the recruitment cycle.


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What Administrators are Saying

“LRAP is one more way that we can help eliminate barriers to higher education that so many families face and give more students access to the outstanding opportunities and programs our School of Education provides.”

Dennis J. Shields

Former Chancellor, University of Wisconsin, Platteville

What Students are Saying

“I become sold on [my institution] primarily because of the Loan Repayment Assistance Program. This program has enhanced my entire collegiate experience by alleviating unnecessary financial stress.”

Michelle K.

LRAP Award Recipient

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