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Transfer Student Thrives Thanks to LRAP

September 14, 2021

quote from Abigail

Abigail W. knows better than anyone the life-changing impact of a Loan Repayment Assistance Program (LRAP).

It all started her first year of college. Abigail knew she wanted to dedicate her life to helping others, but she didn’t feel her college was setting her up to do that. She decided to find an institution that would better help her pursue her calling.


Abigail was almost back at square one. Thankfully, she had saved information on other institutions from her first college search, so she decided to start there. As she shuffled through the brochures and flyers, she came across a school she had originally dismissed due to its distance from home. Its close-knit community and faith-based curriculum were exactly what she wanted. She decided to go on a tour.


As she toured the campus, Abigail fell in love with the institution. She knew it was where she was led to be, but she’d forgotten the other reason she had originally dismissed this university: The cost.

“As we sat with my future professor on my second visit to discuss logistics, he laid out the numbers, and I painstakingly realized my family could not afford this university.”

Once Abigail expressed concerns about the college’s affordability, her future professor began telling her about LRAPs.


At first, Abigail thought LRAPs were too good to be true. But as she learned more, they became the reason she was able to transfer.

“LRAP made the difference. LRAP made things feel more straightforward and possible. LRAP gave my father the boldness and confidence to support my endeavors – even still. LRAP made student loans become less of a monster and something much more manageable. LRAP caused me to [transfer], and I was full of hope for the future.”

Abigail thrived at her new institution. She traveled to three continents and worked in many different schools and churches. She met her now husband on the other side of the world. She became more confident.

“The impacts of LRAP are innumerable, and I hold so much gratitude for each one.”

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