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LRAP Enables Grad To Pursue His Goals Without Compromising

July 19, 2021

There was a time when Daniel Peake didn’t know if he would be able to pursue his bachelor’s degree.

A Detroit native, Daniel grew up in a single parent household. Without a lot of money for college, Daniel was counting on a scholarship that would enable him to attend his first-choice institution.

Then he found out the scholarship was applicable only to select schools in his state. Daniel’s dream school wasn’t on the list.

“That summer was filled with a lot of worry, a lot of doubt, a lot of angst. I didn’t know what was going to happen. I didn’t know if I was going to be able to pursue my bachelor’s degree.”

That’s when Daniel got a call about a Loan Repayment Assistance Program (LRAP). His dream school was offering him a student loan safety-net – at no cost to him or his family.

LRAPs provide students and their families financial peace of mind by providing them with a powerful promise. If income after graduation is modest, LRAP will help repay federal student, parent PLUS and private alternative loans.


LRAP gave Daniel the confidence he needed to attend his first-choice college without compromising on his dreams.

“If not for LRAP, I would have compromised a lot. I would have compromised on the education I wanted. I would have compromised on the school I wanted. Ultimately, I would have compromised a lot in my life. LRAP set that expectation for me to follow my dreams, and that’s been the expectation I’ve had throughout my career.”

Daniel, who now works at General Motors, has some advice for students offered LRAP:

“Education is one thing you shouldn’t compromise on at all, ever. Your education is valueless. LRAP emphasizes that point and allows students to pursue their education, to pursue their dreams without having to worry about their pockets in the long run. My advice to a student getting ready to go to college, don’t compromise…You can pursue the education you want today, and LRAP is there to assist you in the long run.”

Want to learn more about how LRAPs work? Watch one of our on-demand webinars.