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Giving Thanks

November 20, 2015

We’ve learned that the power of LRAP is most evident when you can hear it directly from those who benefit most from the program. While visiting our partner colleges’ campuses over the years, we’ve received numerous expressions of gratitude from LRAP students and parents. In the spirit of Thanksgiving, we’d like to share some with you:

“I am so thankful for LRAP. If it wasn’t for LRAP, not only would I not have a degree, but I wouldn’t have had the formative experiences, [the effects of which] still impact my life today.”
– Erica, LRAP Student

“LRAP aided in my decision to come here.  Without it, I would in no way have ever been able to afford to come here.”  Bridget, LRAP Student

“I am attending the best university for my career (education). I am so blessed to be in this program. Thank you LRAP.” – Macy, LRAP Student

“I definitely would not have been able to pursue the course that I am without [LRAP]. To say that I am thankful for it is an understatement.” – Brian, LRAP Student

“[LRAP] will help me to get the education I desire, and to attend the college of my dreams.”
 Madi, LRAP Student

“My son was not wanting to attend college because of accruing student loan debt. Thanks to [LRAP], Brian chose to go to school. -Thank you!”  Stephanie, LRAP Parent

“This helped move the decision over the top to help with attendance… It was going to be really hard to justify without [LRAP].” – Dwight, LRAP Parent

Our clients and their students, families, and graduates are thankful for the safety-net that LRAP provides. We too are thankful, not only to witness the power of LRAP in action, but also to each of our partner colleges. Without their steadfast commitment to addressing student debt, in no way could LRAP have made the impact that it has.

Wishing a Happy Thanksgiving to all!