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Ardeo Welcomes New Partner Defiance College

October 25, 2023

Key Takeaways:

  • Defiance College is offering all incoming freshmen peace of mind with a new financial safety net.
  • The program helps repay student and parent loans if income after graduation is modest.
  • By offering this protection, Defiance is demonstrating its commitment to post-graduation security and success.

Defiance College is the latest Ohio institution to begin offering all incoming freshmen a powerful financial safety net called a Loan Repayment Assistance Program (LRAP).

LRAPs have been used by more than 200 institutions across the country to improve enrollment and accessibility while delivering tangible value to students.

Keep reading to learn more about why Defiance and other institutions use LRAPs.

Empower Students

Imagine what would happen if students could enroll at your institution, choose the field of their dreams, and work toward a rewarding career without having to worry about how they will repay their student loans.

LRAP makes this a reality.

Prospective students can set their sights on success without the financial anxiety that often accompanies today’s college students.

Provide Real Value

If income after graduation is modest, LRAP will help repay student loans. Simply put, the less you earn after graduation, the more help you will receive repaying your loans. The program covers:

  • Federal student loans.
  • Private alternative loans.
  • Parent PLUS loans.

Leverage A Trusted Solution

More than 200 institutions across the country have worked with Ardeo to provide their students with financial peace of mind. It’s a collaborative effort to enhance enrollment and accessibility while delivering tangible value to students.

By offering students this financial safety net, Defiance College is showcasing its unwavering commitment to the success and well-being of its graduates.

Discover more about how institutions are improving enrollment and access by providing LRAPs to their students.