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94% of Admissions Directors Agree Student Debt Discouraging Applications in 2018 Stats from IHE

November 30, 2018

Updated statistics from’s annual survey of university admissions directors reveal increased negative impact of student loan debt on applications.

For 2018, IHE reported more than nine out of every ten (94%) private, nonprofit admissions professionals agreed applicants are walking away – or worse – excluding them before even applying. That’s up over 5 percentage points from 2017’s survey (89%).

Additionally, private college admissions directors (78%) are more than twice as likely as public college admissions directors (32%) to agree that public discourse about student debt is discouraging students from considering their college specifically.

At Ardeo, we work with our partners every day to help them reduce the impact that concern about student debt is having on their enrollment numbers, and we can help you too. Imagine making this powerful promise to your prospective students and families:

“As a graduate of this institution, if your income is modest (typically, less than 43k/yr), we will help you repay your student and parent loans.”

On average, for those who market it broadly, a loan repayment assistance program (LRAP) has been shown to increase incoming freshmen enrollment by 14% or more.

After you read this report and learn what your peers are experiencing, let us show you how your institution can provide peace of mind to prospective student families and increase tuition revenue.

Request a customized proposal for your institution today.