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Ardeo Education Solutions Has Been Named to the Center for Companies That Care Honor Roll

July 23, 2020

Ardeo Education Solutions has achieved recognition on the Companies That Care Honor Roll, a national list commending employers for outstanding workplace practices and active community involvement.

The 2020 Honor Roll celebrates U.S.-based companies of all sizes in diverse industries including for- and not-for-profit organizations.

“In this year of unprecedented challenges and change, we decided to focus on Characteristic 10 of the 10 Characteristics of Socially Sustainable Employers: consider the human toll while making business decisions. We asked applicants to describe their pandemic response to employee and other stakeholders’ needs. Employers faced many challenges just keeping their businesses afloat. It would have been easier to ignore the 10th Characteristic. What sets the Honor Roll organizations apart is their added focus on the people who work with them. The organizations on this list are true examples of employer engagement, such as Ardeo Education Solutions,” said Marci Koblenz, Co-founder and President, Companies That Care. “They are deeply committed to their employees, customers and other stakeholders. That commitment, shown in a variety of ways, has sustained them during these uncertain times.”

Honor Roll employers are selected by an independent review panel of business professionals. Reviewers noted some consistent behaviors among all the companies on the honor roll including being proactive in keeping employees healthy and safe, providing resources to promote work/life balance and to facilitate new work arrangements, and maintaining connections with stakeholders.

A mission-drive company, Ardeo partners with higher education institutions to provide loan repayment assistance programs (LRAPs) that help institutions increase enrollment while making college more financially accessible to students and families.