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Do you lose students you know are a good fit for your college because they are afraid to borrow?

Ardeo’s Loan Repayment Assistance Programs (LRAPs) provide your students with a financial safety net to overcome their fear of borrowing the loans necessary to attend your institution. Stop losing prospects because they are concerned about burdensome loan payments after graduation. Give them the confidence they need to enroll with an LRAP.

How LRAPs Work

LRAPs make this powerful promise: If income after graduation is modest, a student’s LRAP award will help them repay their student loans.

You send us a list of your incoming freshmen and eligible transfers. We reach out to your students and their families to educate them about the program.

Students accept their LRAP award and enroll at your university! You boost yield by giving your prospects the financial confidence they need to attend. You only pay for those who enroll and borrow.

We help your graduates repay their student loans. After graduation, we take it from there. You pay nothing more. Ardeo manages all assistance requests, and we answer any questions your students may have.

LRAPs Can Help You Increase Enrollment

LRAPs are a proven solution that help colleges and universities increase enrollment and net tuition revenue.

15% Average enrollment increase across clients that give LRAPs to all incoming freshmen.

27% Average enrollment increase across clients at smaller colleges with less than 150 incoming freshmen.

How Lyon College Increased Fall 2023 Enrollment by 19%

Lyon College saw a 19% enrollment increase this Fall – marking the largest year-over-year freshmen enrollment increase in 14 years for the college. Listen to our recorded discussion with Lyon College to explore how Ardeo’s yield tool helped them hit a record-breaking class for Fall 2023.

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LRAPs 101

How do LRAPs help empower students to enroll at their preferred college or university? This short, 1-minute video gives you a quick snapshot of what LRAPs are and how they work!

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How LRAPs Work

Length: one minute one second

LRAPs Change Enrollment Decisions to ‘Yes’

In 2021, Ruffalo Noel Levitz surveyed 1,200 families of students at several institutions. The survey found:

16.1% Wouldn’t Enroll Without LRAP 16.1% of matriculated families said their student would not have enrolled at their chosen institution without LRAP.

24.6% Students of Color 24.6% of matriculated families of color said their student would not have enrolled without LRAP.

27.2% Family Income Less Than $100K 27.2% of matriculated families with a family income of less than $100K said their student would not have enrolled without LRAP.

Let’s talk!

I’ve walked a mile in your shoes as a college leader or college officer or cabinet member. For 14 years, I was VP for Enrollment at a small college. LRAP was the best yield tool I ever used. Our freshmen class increased by 18.2% — an additional 57 students — when we marketed LRAP to all.

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