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Ardeo’s Enrollment Solutions

Maximum Growth

Client institutions that offer Ardeo’s Loan Repayment Assistance Programs (LRAPs) to all incoming freshmen and eligible transfers see the biggest benefit in the tool. By differentiating their offer with LRAPs, colleges stand out from their competitors and increase engagement earlier in the recruitment cycle. 

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Targeted Growth

Many institutions market their LRAPs to pre-qualified groups of students to boost yield among targeted populations, for example specific majors, non-athletes, out-of-state students, traditionally underserved student populations, transfers,  and prospects with specific unmet need.

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Late-Cycle Yield

With LRAPs, it’s never too late to enroll more students before your cohort census date. Moving unresponsive prospects to deposit and enroll is one of the most popular LRAP strategies our clients implement to boost yield. Learn how to engage unresponsive prospects and mitigate summer melt.

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Individual Student Response

Whether you have goals to support first-generation students or financially at-risk populations, offering an LRAP can help. You can shape your class with LRAPs by addressing key affordability and cost concerns.

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Student Loan Insurance

With Ardeo’s Student Loan Insurance, institutions can increase access for students who may feel financially shut out at no cost to their college or university. Learn more about this new elective insurance.

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What are LRAPs?

Put LRAPs to work quickly and easily. Watch this quick, 2-minute video to learn how LRAPs positively impact enrollment decisions for prospective students and families.

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How Ardeo’s LRAPS Boost College Access & Increase Enrollment

Length: one minute fifty -six seconds

Why Offer Students an LRAP?

Here are three quick reasons why colleges and universities should offer loan repayment assistance programs (LRAPs) to their students and families:

It’s good for students.

Prospects and families benefit from the student loan safety net at no cost to them. The program also encourages retention and completion.

It’s a low-risk, high-reward tool.

Enrollment professionals can offer the program to as many or as few students as they want. Then, Ardeo goes to work to engage and educate students about LRAPs.

Only pay when it works.

LRAPs are cash-flow positive. There are no up-front costs, and you only pay for the program when students enroll and borrow.

What is Student Loan Insurance?

In less than two minutes, get a quick snapshot of what Student Loan Insurance is and how it can help your prospective students. Watch the video to explore this elective coverage and learn how you can bring it to your campus!

How Student Loan Insurance Works

Length: one minute forty seconds

Why Offer Student Loan Insurance?


Student Loan Insurance provides the same significant protection against burdensome student loan payments as LRAPs, but allows the student and family to opt in and pay for their coverage. You can make Student Loan Insurance available to your students at no cost to your university.

Here are 3 reasons why you should offer Student Loan Insurance to your students:

First Choice School 2

Provides financial peace of mind by helping repay student and parent loans after graduation if the graduate’s income is modest.

 First Choice School

Empowers students to attend their preferred college or university.

Icon Grow Enrollment

Improves access to higher education, and encourages retention and completion.

A Pervasive Problem, Our Practical Solutions

Concerns about cost and student loan debt are still significant barriers to enrollment for many students and families. So often, the prospect who says, “I can’t afford it,” really means that they are reluctant to borrow the necessary student (and parent) loans to attend an institution.

Ardeo’s student loan safety nets directly address those concerns and positively impact enrollment decisions. With more than 200 clients and 30,000 students covered, our enrollment tools are proven solutions.

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What Enrollment Leaders Say About LRAPs

“Many students attend Rochester Christian University to pursue teaching, social work, Christian ministry, and other fields that don’t necessarily pay well initially as other occupations do. LRAPs allow students to pursue their calling without concern over how they will begin to repay their student loans.”

Scott Samuels

Vice President of Admissions, Marketing & Student Life, Rochester Christian University

What Enrollment Leaders Say About LRAPs

“Out of all the vendors I’ve worked with over the years, the level of support and investment that Ardeo has provided without adding it to an invoice somewhere has been a dream.”

Drew Whipple

Associate Vice President for Enrollment, MidAmerica Nazarene University

What Enrollment Leaders Say About LRAPs

“We brought this product on about 30 days before COVID hit. [LRAP] was one of those things that we were really happy to have. This was a difference for a lot of students that we spoke to. Gave them a lot of peace of mind during a time in the world when there was very little peace of mind.”

Aaron Roberts

Director of Undergraduate Admissions & Operations, Concordia University, Nebraska

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