Decoding the Challenges Facing Teachers

A summary of today’s landscape and tomorrow’s solution.

Despite a 150% surge in the college student population since 1970, there is now a 50% decrease in the attainment of bachelor’s degrees in education. Why is a once-thriving major now facing such a dramatic downturn? And, more importantly, what can institutions do to reverse this concerning trend? 

Get the latest research – from sources such as the U.S. Education Department, the Pew Research Center, McKinsey and Company, and more – in this comprehensive white paper that lays out the challenges facing education and what institutions can do to revive this important field. 

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Highlights from the paper:

  • The decline in the number of education degrees conferred by institutions has fallen significantly, even surpassing other majors that may surprise you.

  • A survey reveals a disheartening sentiment among Americans. Find out how many would encourage a young person to pursue a career as a K-12 educator. 

  • Many applications to the Public Service Loan Forgiveness program are rejected. The percentage of rejected applications may shock you.

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