Directly Address Affordability Concerns

10 Case Studies from Institutions Removing the Fear of Student Loans to Enroll More Students

So often, the prospect who says, “I can’t afford it,” really means that they are reluctant to borrow the necessary student (and parent) loans to attend your institution.  

The fear of student loan debt is one of the most common reasons students don't enroll. 

By directly addressing this major affordability concern, you will improve access to your institution and enroll more students. Download the eBook to find out how.

Download the eBook

Download the eBook to: 

Learn how 10 universities are addressing affordability concerns by taking the fear out of student loans.

Discover what Loan Repayment Assistance Programs (LRAPs) are and how they work.

Gain helpful insights  into a wide selection of LRAP strategies and how they helped enrollment professionals meet their goals.

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