College Is A Good Investment With A Bad Reputation

Why College Is Still Worth It Despite Growing Concerns About Cost and Affordability

Nearly 2 in 3 high school seniors think a college degree is no longer worth the investment. The truth of the matter is that a college degree is much more than 'just a piece of paper.'

Get the latest research - from sources such as the Pew Research Center, Washington Post, NACUBO and more - in this comprehensive white paper that lays out the many financial and personal benefits college graduates enjoy.

Don't let your prospects (or team) operate under the misconception that college isn't worth it - get all the facts in our new white paper. 

Thank you for yourinterest in our white paper. 

Highlights from the paper:

  • An evaluation of the top U.S. news sources found they tended to report extreme student loan debt stories. The average amount reported may surprise you.

  • The return on a college degree exceeds several investment benchmarks such as stocks and bonds. Find out by how much in the paper.

  • The benefits of a college degree go beyond dollars and cents. Research shows the personal gains are numerous.

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